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      Shijiazhuang Chentai Filter Paper Co., Ltd.


          As a manufacturer specialized in filter paper, Shijiazhuang Chentai Filter Paper Company has accumulated more than 20years’ experiences since its foundation in the year of 1990. Until now, we have become a leading enterprise in industry that combines R & D with production and marketing.

          Our product includes air filter paper, oil filter paper, fuel filter paper, cabin filter paper,gas turbine filter paper and dust collection filter paper etc. According to different application, we use cellulose fiber/synthetic fiber and nano fiber in the production to enhance filtration efficiency and using lifetime.

          Chentai Filter Paper Company is always devoting himself to becoming the expert of filter paper industry.Actually, we have done it!

          Besides the insistence to product quality, we pay more attention on the professional after-market service. To offer timely and exact feedback to customers is our principle, to make win-win with partners is our pursuit.

          Chentai Filter Paper Company will keep the high passion to grow into a environment-friendly enterprise of world-class.

          Chentai Filter Paper, Purify the world.


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