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      Beijing JuxinHuaRui Industry And Trade Co.,Ltd





          Beijing JuXin HuaRui Industry and trade Co., Ltd is specialized  in the manufacture of the stainless steel Dandy Roll(watermark rolls) components for paper-making.

          Over the development for more than one decade, the company hsa accumulated rich experience in manufacturing varous types of Dandy Rolls of different specifications and diameters. The company can customize the Φ500-Φ2000mm pulp rollers with the roller width of8000mmaccording to different demands of customers.Product Application:specialty paper,culture paper,Corrugated board paper,high strengh corrugatedpaper,light and shade watermark security paper,etc.(17400gram);Adapted to the speed of700 m/minute the following,apply extensively in the paper-making industry and obtain good effects, which has not only greatly enhanced the paper quality, but also received the unanimous recognition of new and old customers. To provide powerful paper-making technical support for customers is one of the important services provided by the company. Following the principle of the integrity-based, with the advanced production technology and brand-new operation concept, the factory has had hundreds of customers both at home and abroad, achieved the annual output of more than one hundred pulp rollers, and become the largest pulp roller manufacturer in China, Business scope: manufacturing of watermark roller, special equipment of paper making industry,general spare parts and componets, paper processing, salesImport papermaking chemical material,Turbine fan.

          The General Manager Cui Jincheng and all the employees warmly welcome domestic and foreign customers to have a sightseeing tour inBeijing, We are willing to cooperate with friends ofallcircles to create the beautiful future, Acquaintance,cooperation,success, good faith, harmony and win-win.

          Our Believe:JuXin Hua Rui Paper Machinery believes in creating achievements together with friends from paper industry all around the Globe.


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