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      Taizhou Xingdalong Lubrication Rig Co., Ltd.





          Taizhou Xingdalong Lubrication Equipment Co., Ltd. (previously known as Yuhuan South Lubrication equipment and accessories professional manufacturer, located in Yuhuan, a Garden Cityalong the coastal of East Sea. 

          Since its establishment over 20 years ago, the company has been adhering to the operation concept of survive with quality, win benefit with management, and sticking to the working style of prudent and down-to-earth,efficient and outstanding. It advocates the value miracles one after another. In the  growth history in the past over 20 years which is full of ups and downs, we have sensed a kind of dynamic spirits and a force which drives us to grow for our dream and hope. Such spirits will continus to provide bravery for our further  advancement, confidence for our growth. Glories in the yesterday have gone, brilliance in today is putting on performance. Dream of tomorrow needs more people to weave.

           We warmly welcome people from all walks of life both home and abroad to call, to write and to visit us for business corperation. 


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