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      Xinxiang City Wenliang Sieving Machine Co.,Ltd.



            Weiliang Sieving Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer which mainly produces three-D rotary vibrating sieve, swinging sieve, ultrasonic vibrating sieve and airflow sieve products etc. It is located in the first important town for sieving machines of China- Langgongmiao, Xinxiang City, Henan Province.


           Weiliang Sieving Machinery Co., Ltd. owns the most advanced production equipment, technological equipment and high-precision testing equipment, strict and reliable quality assurance system. Besides, we have a strong vibrating R & D team and the first-class products laboratory at domestic. And the producing Weiliang series products are widely used in medicine, abrasives, chemical, food and metallurgy powder manufacturing area etc., the sales volume can be up to hundreds of thousands of sets, the products are throughout the country and exported to North America, European Union and South- EASt Asia Region, deeply affirmed by all walks of life




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